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5 Reasons Businesses Need a Firewall
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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Firewall

Cybersecurity is an element of IT that too many businesses do not pay enough attention to when deciding how to handle their IT needs. Network security services are essential to business operations of all sizes given the nature of how much work is currently done online and in the cloud. Having a protective firewall is a key component of tightening your network security and defending your company against online threats like data breaches, malware, and DDoS attacks.

Why Businesses Need a Firewall

Here are five reasons companies must invest in a firewall as a part of their network security.

Data Protection

Firewalls prevent unauthorized presences on your company’s network, which means having one will keep out hackers with malicious intent to steal your business’s sensitive data. Having a firewall on your network protects all your business’s devices from outside attacks so the company at large can remain safe, as opposed to simple, acute measures that only protects a specific device.

Avoid Distractions to Increase Productivity

Having a network security services provider installing a firewall can give company executives and other employees peace of mind. Time spent worrying about potential breaches or obsessively monitoring traffic on the company’s network can be spent achieving a company’s business goals instead.

Meet Compliance

Compliance regulations change all the time and often involve complicated and difficult bureaucratic and legal language. Installing proper network security protocols is a key part of making sure a company meets compliance on regulations such as the HIPAA Security Rule or PCI security standards. Having a robust firewall that protects your network helps keep your company in compliance with these important security standards.

Feel Safer About New Applications

Having a firewall monitor your network and block any potentially dangerous traffic makes it a lot easier to consider integrating new applications and other software. Without proper protection, new software might make a connection that is compromising to your business, but a proper firewall handled by a network security services provider will catch and flag that security issue before any damage can be done. With a good firewall in place, you do not have to feel anxious since you know it will stop a network security issue stemming from a new application’s functions.

Know the Traffic on Your Network

When dealing with the access to sensitive information that most business networks have, being able to properly monitor the traffic on your network is key. Firewalls that help block traffic you don’t want and keep track of what occurs on your company’s network make sure companies never have to feel in the dark about what or who is coming and going.


Firewalls are an important element of any company’s network security. They help you monitor your traffic and prevent unwanted applications and invaders from breaking into your systems. If you need a properly set up firewall to protect your business, contact us today. As a managed IT services company with years of experience, we can help you install a firewall to give you peace of mind about your network security.

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