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Proactive Network Security

Being Proactive About Your Network Security

Too much of Internet security is still reacting to problems that are already there. The unfortunate reality of the situation however is that with the number of cyber-attacks increasing constantly at an exponential rate, it is inevitable that merely reacting to threats as they pop up will not be enough.

We are already seeing companies with vast resources for network security get hit with significant data breaches. We see it in the news all the time and there are many more instances that never reach that height of press attention.

It is better for network security approaches to be proactive rather than reactive moving forward, and that change means a shift to focus on internal vulnerabilities as much as outward threats.

How to Be Proactive about Network Security

CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)

While keeping track of potential online threats Is still necessary, proactive cybersecurity means placing more emphasis on common vulnerabilities and exposures. Finding the areas your business is likely to be attacked will help you cut off bad actors before they have the chance to do any harm.

A managed IT services firm with expertise in cybersecurity will know what the most likely weaknesses are in your business’s IT infrastructure and in your policies. They can find the vulnerabilities you will miss early on and stop your company from being exposed to attackers. Your network security will immediately improve once focus is placed on determining CVEs and analyzing them at your company.

Focus on Identifying Potential Problems

A natural conclusion from shifting focus to vulnerabilities and not just identifying possible threats is that proactive network security will focus on identifying potential weak points before a company even feels pressure being placed on them.

By focusing on weaknesses and strengthening them constantly, you will always be prepared for the inevitable onslaught of cyber attacks headed your way. Your network security will improve over time and not simply in reaction to negative events.

Develop a Comprehensive Plan

The first step to truly proactive network security is to develop a comprehensive security plan. A thorough and rigorous analysis of your current IT infrastructure and policies is the best place to start. Document everything. Make sure you know the details of how your business’s IT services are operating and ensure that you know where you can make improvements.

Full, detailed knowledge of your company’s current situation is key to any proactive network security strategy. You can’t find weaknesses to fix if you don’t have comprehensive knowledge of your own systems and practices.

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Proactive cybersecurity policy and practice has numerous advantages over standard reactive thinking. You will be better protected on a consistent basis. You will be constantly improving your network security, and you won’t have to wait for something to go wrong to make the positive changes your network security needs.

If you think you need a more proactive cybersecurity approach and want to speak to experts about it, reach out to Fullscope IT today by scheduling an appointment.

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