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Why Your Business Needs Office 365 Support
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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Office 365 Support

Are you tired of being the IT department for your business? Are you stopping your work to update software? Are you ready to make a change?

As part of the FullScope Managed IT Services package, we include Office 365 Support so that you can stop being the IT expert and start focusing on your customers.

What is Office 365?

Remember when you needed to order Microsoft Office and wait for it to arrive? You then had to download popular programs like MS Word. It took time and then there were updates that took you away from your business. Now companies are moving to a subscription model like Adobe Photoshop and other programs. That’s what happened at Microsoft too. 

In addition to Microsoft Office applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Office 365 includes One Drive cloud storage, Sharepoint, Teams, and Skype. Microsoft Office 365 is the subscription service that includes these applications as well access to regular updates. 

  • Work in the cloud without needing space on hardware.
  • Data is automatically saved and secured.
  • Collaboration is possible.

Throw away the box versions and let us support your business. 

Benefits of Office 365 Support

The biggest benefit of partnering with us to manage IT is that we offer Office 365 Support. Stop worrying about whether or not your employees have the latest updates. Embrace collaboration and communication and grow your business. 

Connected platform

Everyone within the organization has access to the same programs and tools. If you’re currently working on Office 2016, you know every computer must have its own installation. With Office 365, employees are all connected via the cloud. That means they can work from anywhere and still be as connected as they would be if they were working from the same location. 

Share documents

Ease of use and connectivity means employees can work within the same documents. No more file saving of versions that clog servers and risk liability. 

Secure cloud access and storage 

One Drive is Microsoft’s cloud that allows users to access files from any location. Data is backed up daily. Combined with our Managed IT Services, we can monitor, backup data, update programs, and provide additional security so you don’t have to worry about hackers gaining access to proprietary business and confidential client information.

Familiar setup and products 

The benefits of Office 365 include familiar setup and products employees are already using like Word and Excel. Now they access the same programs they love from the web in a secure space. In addition, updates are completed by our team with no time wasted by yours. 

Ease of communication

Not only are documents easily shareable, users can talk and message each other through Teams and Skype. Similar to services like Slack, Microsoft Teams allows users to chat and video conference from wherever they are working, reducing the number of emails exchanged and creating efficiencies for the organization. 

Office 365 Support is available as part of the FullScope IT comprehensive managed IT services. As our client, your business has access to:

  • 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Predictable all-inclusive pricing, which means labor is always covered
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Cost-effective access to enterprise-level 24/7/365 live support
  • Peace of mind, so you can focus on running your business and not the technology

If you’re ready to recycle the Microsoft boxed software, we’d love to talk to you! Contact FullScope IT today to learn more about our Microsoft Office 365 services.

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