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IT Help Desk vs. Tech Support

IT Help Desk Vs. Tech Support

Are you seeking ways to make your business more efficient? Are you tired of being the only person considered the IT help desk? Do you want more time to focus on the business?

FullScope IT is here to tell you all of that is possible when you have tech support and a dedicated IT help desk for your Gilbert-area business to oversee tasks like:

  • Workstation set up for remote, hybrid, and office employees.
  • Addressing questions about accessing data in the cloud.
  • Email, website, and server issues.

With this support, and more, your business can be more streamlined, and you can focus on the business, not on IT help desk and tech support issues.

The Difference Between IT Help Desk and Tech Support

This is a common question that we’re asked, and we’d like to explain the difference. The IT Help Desk handles issues that can be solved by remoting into a workstation and that likely don’t involve multiple people or departments. When an issue cannot be easily resolved or a more complicated issue is discovered, the help desk will escalate the issue to tech support. The difference matters because at its most basic, the difference is in who you call to resolve the problem.

IT Help Desk

While we’d love if we could set up technology and forget about it, that’s not reality. Technology is useful until it doesn’t work. The first call for issues like a down internet, website, or email, workstation set up, or database issue, is the IT Help Desk. The team can assess the problem, walk you through possible resolutions, and then escalate the call as needed.

An effective IT help desk doesn’t just tell you to CTRL-ALT-DELETE to reset the computer. They should actively look to understand and resolve the issue. If it is a wider issue than for one or two people, it may also get escalated. Issues may arise after a systemwide update, software update, or at worst after a security breach or attempted breach. We can’t prevent all the issues, but we actively communicate with you to resolve them quickly and without widespread downtime.

Tech Support

In our article, Benefits of Hiring a Managed IT Services Provider, we discuss the wider services offered. This includes working on your behalf 24/7/365 to secure and protect data and systems, even while you’re away from the office. That means you never have to worry about major technology issues. As a result, you will experience:

  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Increased security and monitoring.
  • Updated software and hardware and/or move to the cloud.
  • Accessible by remote, hybrid, and office employees.
  • Decreased threats to cybersecurity.
  • Updated business continuity planning.
  • Maintain compliance with governmental agencies and industry standards.

Contact FullScope IT

We offer predictable monthly pricing and an IT help desk available 24 hours a day. This means you can focus on business growth and let us manage technology.

Interested in learning more? Contact FullScope IT today.

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