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Businesses Vulnerable to Hackers
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Is your Business Vulnerable to Hackers?

When we think of ransomware attacks, we often think of big companies like Colonial Pipeline getting hacked. The reality is that businesses of all sizes are getting breached, making every computer and network vulnerable to hackers.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software that blocks access to files on computers and networks. The person or group behind the attack holds the data for ransom. The data remains encrypted until the ransom is paid. If this happens in your business, you will have to make a choice to restore systems from back ups or pay the ransom. Either way, it costs time and money.

Colonial Pipeline

Colonial Pipeline chose to pay the hackers $4.4 million in Bitcoin to get their network back online. The Department of Justice, working in conjunction with the FBI, was able to recover $2.3 million, but the rest was lost to the hackers.

The biggest challenge is that it is hard to find out who is behind them. It is also complicated by international laws, or the lack thereof, in overseeing these cases. Businesses are at the mercy of their hackers and need to decide if they can restore from backups or need to pay the ransom. That makes it important to have processes in place, like regular data backups.

The importance of cybersecurity

At Fullscope IT, we offer cybersecurity services that includes protecting systems and educating employees about phishing, spam, and scams. Collaborating with you, we assess the potential breaches and form an implementation plan to address these issues specifically. This includes reviewing current security, making updates and upgrades as needed. These may include:

  • Data backups on a regular basis
  • Spam filters for email
  • Securing remote desktops
  • Banning the use of outside equipment like personal laptops
  • Updating the email server and operating system
  • Installation of anti-virus software and firewalls

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, we build a network security plan that suits your needs, all for a flat monthly rate. That means you can budget for network security and don’t need to worry if data is breached.

For organizations like medical offices and hospitals, a breach can cost you fines for compliance violations. Plus, what cost to manage the damaged reputation. It can be costly, and not just at the bottom line, for a medical facility or any business.

Contact FullScope IT

We understand your business because we’re business owners also. The benefits of network security go beyond what we do. With these measures in place, your team can begin updating processes and procedures, and identifying opportunities for efficient workflows that can be supported by the measures we’ve put in place.

You’re able to focus on the business and not on the threat of ransomware attacks. Let FullScope IT manage the monitoring of the network so you can focus on clients and customers and contact us today.

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