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Healthcare IT Services for Medical Practices
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How Can Healthcare IT Services Help Your Medical Practice?

Hackers are increasingly breaching data of medical practices of all sizes. In 2021, healthcare data breaches impacted 45 million people, a 9 million person increase from the previous year. What does that mean for your practice? It means you need Healthcare IT Services more than ever to protect patient and practice information. 

Not only is it important to protect personal information, but it is also a HIPAA requirement for your medical practice. A breach doesn’t just mean downtime, it can mean a fine resulting from a HIPAA violation.

How Healthcare IT Services Can Help Your Medical Practice

Aside from HIPAA Compliance, IT Service providers in general protect and defend data from hackers, ransomware, and cybersecurity breaches. The team at Fullscope IT updates and upgrades hardware and software including operating systems, firewalls, servers, and cloud services to ensure all data is secure. In the case of medical practices, we also have a responsibility to have systems in place to protect patient data, as directed by the federal government guidelines.

Healthcare IT Services

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of systems to ensure breaches are prevented and data is protected, even when you’re not at the office.
  • Help Desk availability whenever it is needed, including weekends and holidays. That means you don’t have to answer your phone when you’re out of the office; our team can do that for you and solve tech problems.
  • Cost savings of having a flat rate monthly plan that can grow and change with your practice.
  • Guaranteed HIPAA Compliance.
  • Decreased downtime and monthly expenses related to technology.
  • Increased reliability of systems for your staff.
  • Compliance consulting is available.
  • Cybersecurity Assessments, Business Continuity Planning, and Employee Training, all of which protect your practice.

Contact FullScope IT

Most importantly, you have a team on which you can rely so you can focus on staff and patient care. If employees aren’t happy, they won’t serve patients in a way that makes them satisfied with their care. That can impact the bottom line of your practice. FullScope IT is here to support educating, monitoring, and securing of patient data so your practice can run smoothly.

We begin with a conversation about what is working and where there are gaps and/or concerns about technology. It’s good to be ahead of the hackers as a breach can cost you in time, money, resources, and reputation.

Contact Fullscope IT today to learn how we can protect your practice with our Healthcare IT Services packages.

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