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IT Services for Engineering

Why Your Engineering Firm Needs IT Services

A long time ago (and here one is tempted to add the phrase “in a galaxy far, far away”), engineering IT and the services that support it did not even exist. Nevertheless, the tools of the engineering trade, though limited, were supremely effective. Using little more than a slide rule, T-square, drafting compass, measuring tape, sheafs of cyanotype blueprints, and mathematical calculations written on the back of a paper napkin, people were able to accomplish stunning feats of engineering, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Hoover Dam.

But that was then, and this is now.

Managed IT Services for Engineers

The engineering tools in use today are much more advanced, thanks largely to developments in the world of information technology. Indeed, it can be said that engineering technology and computer technology grew up together. In combination, we refer to them as “engineering IT.”

As engineering technology graduated from pencil and slide rule to graphing calculator and laptop, the IT aspect of engineering took center stage. The problem therein is that information technology itself has grown so complex and sophisticated that it stands on its own as a discipline—much like engineering—that a single person could spend a lifetime mastering. Learning all the ins-and-outs of both engineering and computer IT would be challenging, if not impossible, for almost any one human. Hence the birth of engineering IT as a third-party service.

Why Small and Medium-Sized Engineering Firms Need Managed IT Services

And let’s face it: your small or medium-sized engineering firm simply does not have the personnel or budget to manage an in-house IT department with solid expertise as well as a team of engineers focused on the one thing they have trained their whole lives for: engineering.

Software Challenges

Consider the challenges—starting with software. Many of your projects depend on computer-aided design applications such as AutoCAD, Allegro, and other similar software. Picking the right ones and licensing them properly, keeping them updated, integrating them with other hardware and software in your operation, and troubleshooting them when they stop working is no trivial task. Hiring a dedicated team to take care of these responsibilities on a full-time basis would be cost-prohibitive. For that reason, paying for managed engineering IT services, as needed, through a third party clearly is the most cost-effective solution.

Managing Your Cloud Environment

Maintaining your engineering firm’s cloud environment is another demanding IT area that is mission-critical. Today’s engineering workplace is like a movable feast—today in the office, tomorrow on a job site, the next day visiting a sister office overseas. But no matter where your engineers are located, they will need to access and share blueprints, 3D renderings, site elevations, sensitive client information, and other documents. The connection must be secure from unauthorized intrusion and accessible on desktop computers and mobile devices, anywhere, any time, with regular backups assured and always-on email.

Contact FullScope IT

Who will support your engineering team, protect your network, combat viruses and other malware, and ensure your compliance requirements are met? For a trouble-free and affordable solution, let an experienced third party like FullScope IT handle your managed engineering IT service needs while your firm focuses on its core competency: engineering!

Contact FullScope IT today to learn more about how we can help your engineering firm manage its IT services!

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