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Albany, NY

How Albany Businesses Benefit from External IT Services

No matter the size of your business, IT services have become one of the most important departments in any company due to the fact that IT can control everything. Literally every aspect of your business might ride on how well IT does with managing and protecting it.

When your IT department has to shift gears and tackle any type of a problem, all other departments may be stuck waiting for the fix. During this time, your company can experience a large loss in productivity, time, and money. This is why many companies are opting for Albany IT services to help with this issue.

What Are External IT Services?

When you realize the importance of your IT department, you may also realize that relying that heavily on just a few employees can be costly for your company. With an external IT service, your company will have all of your IT needs taken care of from an external source. External IT services include 24/7/365 care and coverage of your IT requirements including the following:

  • Cloud services – protection and implementation of all cloud-based needs at your company
  • Cybersecurity – keeps your processes secure from digital theft
  • Compliance – comply with regulatory frameworks like HIPAA, NIST SP 800-171, FINRA, and PCI-DSS

Additionally, if you’re working with FullScope IT, our team is made of IT geniuses with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. There is nothing our team hasn’t fixed or seen before, and we draw upon this knowledge to proactively keep your technological needs functioning perfectly.

Why Choose FullScope IT?

If your Albany-based company has decided externally-managed IT services are right for you, there are a few specifics to look for in the company you choose.

Fullscope IT, for example, monitors your systems 24/7/365 and offers continuous fixes which means your company will not experience downtime. We even perform fixes while your team is sleeping. Our services are less-expensive than paying for an internal IT team plus we are efficient and draw upon a breadth of experience to give the best-possible service. We can even provide on-site staffing when you need IT in your office to help.

Additionally, you can count on the following from Fullscope IT:

  • Responds within minutes to your needs
  • Available 24/7
  • Proactively monitors for issues and necessary repairs
  • Provides repairs quickly and efficiently
  • Upfront pricing
  • Personalized approach – you’ll know who you’re working with and feel like we’re part of the team

Contact FullScope IT 

To get started with our managed IT services, please contact Fullscope IT today. You can chat with us any time on our site or call us at (855) 260-1486. We serve Albany, Saratoga County, and the nearby upstate New York communities.

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