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VoIP Advantages

Over the past fourteen months, the working world has been reshaped due to COVID-19 and the dangers of working in traditional crowded office environments. Working from home was already a practice on the rise in many industries before the pandemic.

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Creating Efficiency And Working from Home

We have been hearing a lot of news about how virtual team meetings are being compromised by hackers and how some businesses are struggling to work from separate spaces. At FullScope IT, we are dedicated to making sure your digital assets, including virtual meetings, are protected and secure, and that the organization can continue to function.

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Businesses with VoIP are Thriving

We are finding that businesses with VoIP are thriving during COVID-19 because their employees are easily able to use the internet for calls, faxes, document sharing, video, and more. Your business can thrive too when you’ve got the technology in place that empowers employees to serve clients, even when they’re working from home.

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Cybercriminals Are Counting On You

The world is slowing down during this COVID-19 pandemic. Wall Street is being hit hard. People are no longer going out. We’re told to quarantine or self-isolate and not engage in groups. You can bet there’s one group that’s not slowing down at all. In fact, they’re probably working overtime while the rest of us have our lives turned upside down.

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Growing Your Business During COVID

In a matter of just a few short weeks, we have gone from living how we’ve always lived to changing just about everything we do. Schools are out for weeks if not months. Cruises have stopped sailing, and air transportation may be next. Bars and restaurants are closing, sporting events are nonexistent and so many people are now unemployed.

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