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What Are Cloud Services?

What Are Cloud Services?

Business owners and organizational leaders are asking if their employees can work from home. The answers come down to what procedures are currently in place and how these procedures can be modified to work from home without compromising data integrity. In our article What is Business Continuity, we discussed the big picture of keeping operations moving forward during this time or during a natural disaster. Today we are talking about the technology, specifically what cloud services provide.

What are Cloud Services?

You are likely using cloud services at home and do not even realize it. When you get a new phone and upload or download data, you are using a cloud. Contact information, photos, and more are stored remotely for us to just “grab” from somewhere on the internet; that is a cloud service. When it comes to cloud services for business, FullScope IT is here to assist in storing, updating, and maintaining the cloud for your employees, clients, and patients.

Cloud service is over the internet, on-demand support for organizations seeking to collaborate on documents, email, and shared documents and client information. Many of us are using cloud services at work, and home, without knowing or realizing it. As an organization grows, there is greater need for a network and storage space. That is where we can help.

As a cloud services provider FullScope IT can manage a wide range of services for your organization ranging from virtual servers to data storage and network security. That is our area of expertise. You can focus on your organization and people, which is especially important during this time. In the event of a disaster, teams are able to continue to work because their data is stored off-site and not on a damaged on-site server.

Other factors that set our cloud backup services in Albany apart are:

  • Single source maintenance rather than multiple workstations
  • Off-site updates so your team can continue to work remotely
  • Option for organizations to add technical resources as needed
  • Cost-savings through third-party provider
  • Scalability of business – the cloud grows with the organizational needs
  • Increased business productivity, performance, reliability, security, and scalability

Of course, the most important is that our team protects the data of your organization, updating security as needed and likely without you even knowing. Operations are not interrupted as we manage the cloud on your behalf. Our cloud services provide business continuity and the ability for teams to collaborate whether in the office or working from home. That is valuable to any organization.

If your organization is ready for worry-free cloud services, contact FullScope IT today!

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