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Benefits of VoIP Services

Benefits of VoIP Services

When I was growing up, my grandmother had a black rotary dial telephone. As cordless phones became popular in the 1980’s, my grandmother got one for a grand total of one day. She asked for her rotary phone to be returned. While she didn’t live to see cell phones, I am sure she would have kept that rotary phone!

I say this because if your business is still using wired phones, it’s time to consider the benefits of VoIP services. Don’t keep that old phone like my grandma!

VoIP Service Benefits

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the fancy way to saying a telephone service that used the internet instead of traditional phone lines. What that means for your business is that you can use your work phones and phone numbers at the office, including a fax number that sends faxes via email. Then you can easily use the same phone number when you work from home. It was a game changer for companies during the pandemic; their customers never knew they were not at the office! Other benefits include the following.

Ease of installation

There’s no need to wait for phone wires to be installed or for the office to be wired for phones. Once your office has internet, we can manage the installation of VoIP services.

Less Cost

Traditional phone lines cost $50 per line whereas VoIP costs about $20 per line. That’s a lot of savings for a small or medium-sized business!

Call Quality

Customers won’t know your phones are on the internet because the call quality is the same, or better.


Because your business isn’t relying on the phone company to install additional lines, we can add, or delete, phones as needed. We don’t even need to come to your office. You just call us, and we can create an updated system for you!

Work from anywhere

Wherever there is internet, you can have your work phone number and all the features. Voicemail, call forwarding, texting, call attendant, and more are all available wherever you’re working.

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If you’re thinking about moving from wired office phones, we encourage you to consider the benefits of VoIP services. It’s easy, convenient, portable, scalable, and affordable. The best part is that we can manage the system for you, and you don’t have to use your grandma’s rotary phone!

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