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Where Does Backed-Up Data Go?

Managed IT Services: Where does my backed-up data go?

Whether you’re backing up photos from your phone to the cloud or saving proprietary business information, the data has to be stored somewhere. Where does the backed up data go? Unless your business has a dedicated server room, your information is stored at an off-site data center.

As your Managed IT Services provider, we will make sure your company information is safe and secure, wherever it is stored.

Data Centers

You can find data centers all around the globe, including in Arizona where our home office is located. These are buildings which are designed for networking and storage of information from businesses like Meta, Google, Microsoft, and your business. Rather than taking up the space at an office that your team may not even be using full-time anymore, businesses are increasingly looking for innovative ways to operate, serve clients, and store data.

When you upload to the cloud, like Google or Dropbox, you’re actually sending information to a data center. You may never know exactly where the facility is located!

Content that may get uploaded and stored online includes company emails, projects, presentations, confidential patient or client information, and yes, those cute little dog memes that we all love. It’s all there in the cloud!

Cloud Services: Part of Managed IT Services

As a growing business, we know you’re looking for affordable ways to operate. Part of Managed IT Services includes cloud services, plus networking, applications, infrastructure and security, help desk support, and management of third party applications, including a cloud server application.

At Fullscope, we offer a flat rate monthly plan, so you never have to worry if a call to the help desk is going to put the business over budget for the month.

Working with your IT team, we learn about the business and capacity needs. Then we build an infrastructure in the cloud where documents can be stored securely. From your perspective, it may look the same but behind the scenes, we are working all day, every day to monitor security and deter hackers from breaching the system.

Managed IT Services provides:

  • Team of experts to manage technology.
  • Enables you to focus on the business, not IT.
  • Reduces costs because you’re on a plan.
  • Limits downtime because we catch problems before they become disasters.
  • Improves quality of service for your employees and customers/clients/patients.

Contact FullScope IT

Businesses are turning from on-site servers to Cloud Services to store everything from passwords to complex manufacturing plans, and everything in between. Let us manage the technology on your behalf as your Managed IT Services provider.

Our team collaborates with you as your Fractional IT Department or alongside your IT department to ensure company information is as updated, upgraded, and secure as possible.

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