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Where Does Backed-Up Data Go?

Whether you’re backing up photos from your phone to the cloud or saving proprietary business information, the data has to be stored somewhere. Where does the backed up data go? Unless your business has a dedicated server room, your information is stored at an off-site data center.

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What Is Cloud Infrastructure?

Cloud computing is increasingly critical in driving business efficiency and innovation in today’s digital age. From small businesses to large multinational corporations, businesses are shifting from traditional on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud to harness its numerous benefits.

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What Is IT Virtualization

Changes in the economy and a new quarter or new year are all good times to assess your business, especially when it comes to the cost of technology. How much is IT management costing the business? Are they solving problems that need to be solved? Does the business need to space the server room is taking?

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Moving to the Cloud

For good or ill, the coronavirus pandemic has ushered the business world into the golden age of Cloud Computing. Back when everyone showed up to work in the same office, virtual workgroups were less of an issue.

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